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The years I've spent as a gamer, tester, and game designer have shown me that quality can thrive under pressure. I am creating things I love on a daily basis, but what drives me in this industry is to make something that leaves a lasting impression on an audience.

People don't just pay for our games with dollars, they are investing a portion of their lives in exchange for something memorable.

Professional Work

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Personal Games

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Set in a dystopian future, HAX is a Sim Management game combined with Turn-Based RPG battles. Combat that requires team planning and synergizing character abilities & game mechanics.

Players will grow an organized crime empire by selling illicit EXE's (virtual experiences to the brain) and fighting off rivals.

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Monster Mash logo

"Monster Mash" is a 4-Player local Co-Op game where players must finish tasks that have a strong interdependency on the other players.

Designed to be a different take on the game "OverCooked", you play an Igor type assistant who must overcome physics-based obstacles to create monsters.

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Wrecked Game logo

You play super sized heroes, fighting huge monsters in a city setting.

Fun factor & marketability revolves around bombastic & hilarious combat mechanics that combine monster movies with Pro-Wrestling moves.

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Pong logo

Death Match is a 4-player local Co-Op & PVP multiplayer twist on the classic Pong game. Players can enact powers to change Paddle Behavior or Manipulate the Ball. Players can choose to enable their own success, or focus debuffs on other players.

21+ game mechanics that can be turned on or off. Free-For-All or 2v2 team play.

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